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That's the question that this book answers as it follows the real-life and extraordinary battle between two equally determined and utterly ruthless men as they fight to gain control of the Internet domain Kindle version

It was the biggest fight of the new digital age and pitched a Stanford-educated business brain against the mean cunning of a street hustler. The result was an incredible battle of wills and a plotline worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster -- an epic legal battle funded by the craziness of the dotcom boom, civil war in the adult industry, sordid affairs and spectacular break-ups, drug addiction, the brazen theft of court documents, a nationwide manhunt, a gunfight, illegal offshore accounts, multi-million-dollar court judgements, a trashed mansion in one of the most exclusive residences of California, and at the centre of it Gary Kremen and Stephen Cohen, regularly in touch by phone, goading, commiserating, mocking and joking with each other. Buy now

"A brilliant bit of writing. Read it if you dare" -- The Register

"A fast-footed account" - The Times

"Compelling, well-informed and highly readable" -- CircleID

"A gripping story, well told" -- Techworld

"An exhilarating and entertaining read" -- Domain Name Wire

"Rush to your credit card wallet and buy this book now" -- Amazon review

"This is easily the funnest tech industry book Iíve read in a long time" -- Kevin Murphy

Written by investigative journalist Kieren McCarthy, the book will outline for the first time the full story behind the battle for from its registration way back in May 1994, to its theft a year later by lifelong con-man Stephen Cohen. The fight soon hit newspapers and TV screens across the world and sucked in the most powerful company on the Internet, as well as the Supreme Court. Ultimately, it determined the future of how the law sees the buildings blocks of the Internet - domain names - forever. But much more than that, it revealed what men are capable of when all their worldly desires are contained within one possession.

The book will surprise, delight and amaze as the extraordinary lengths - and depths - that both men went to to beat the other are uncovered. Even now, the case is not over, with Cohen recently released from jail and told to produce the $65 million he owes. Cohen will do anything not to be beaten. And Kremen will not stop until he has beaten him. When you read the book, you'll understand why.

In the meantime, however, this site provides in-depth background into the story, the multitude of characters involved and the latest news, as well extensive information on both domain names, the law, and the process behind the book itself. Plus of course where you can buy the book and when. Enjoy.


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