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It was when newspapers around the world picked up on a claim that the former owner of, Stephen Michael Cohen, had been involved in a gunfight outside his Tijuana house that the idea of this book was first born.

Kieren McCarthy, a reporter for IT news site The Register, decided to dig a little deeper and the result was a series of articles that delved into the extraordinary battle of wills that had developed between two men - the former owner of, Gary Kremen, who claimed it had been stolen off him, and the man he said was the thief.

Asked if he would be willing to co-operate, Kremen provided full access to his attorneys. Cohen was less forthcoming. Cohen's main lawyer, Robert Dorband, locked himself in his office for over an hour, finally permitting a 20-minute interview. Cohen himself made several untraceable phonecalls but contact swiftly descended into abusive emails.

Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of documents thrown up through the ten-year battle were trawled through, and a book deal was struck with Quercus Publishing in early 2006 - just after Cohen was finally arrested and put in US jail.

A final draft was completed at the end of August, and a last series of interviews with Kremen, his lawyers, and Cohen in jail carried out in September 2006.

The book finally appeared on 21 May 2007.


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