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30 May 2001
Bounty Set for Scammer

Stephen Michael Cohen -- the man who recently lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit for stealing the domain name -- now has a new reason to worry.

On Wednesday, the new operator of announced that he will provide a bounty of up to $50,000 for information leading up to Cohen's arrest.

In a posting on the site, the porn portal said it will dish out the reward once Cohen is remanded to the custody of the United States Marshals Service.

The bounty is the latest effort by Gary Kremen, the original and current owner of the site, to track down a man who has proven adept thus far in avoiding paying a hefty court order for damages.

Kremen, who lost control of the site for five years as a result of a forgery scam by Cohen, said a big motive for issuing the reward was to make sure this sort of thing "doesn't happen to anyone again."

Money was another motive. Back in April, a federal judge in San Jose, California ordered Cohen to pay Kremen $65 million in damages for fraudulently wresting control of the domain nearly seven years ago. The ruling ended a lawsuit that Kremen had filed more than two years ago.

So far, however, neither Kremen nor the court have been able to find Cohen and get him to pay up. In a bench trial in March, Cohen failed to show up despite a court order mandating his presence. At the time, Cohen's attorney said his client was unavailable because he was under house arrest in Mexico.

Cohen's attorney has also told the court that his client does not have the money the court is ordering him to turn over.



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