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21 April 2004
AP story
Associated Press and VeriSign have agreed to settle their six-year legal battle over claims that the Internet address keeper wrongly transferred the lucrative domain name to a convicted forger.

Terms of the settlement, finalized earlier this week, were not disclosed.

Brian O'Shaughnessy, spokesman for Mountain View-based VeriSign, refused comment Wednesday.

Gary Kremen, owner of San Francisco-based, said he was relieved to move on with his life. "It's hard for a little guy to win in court, but a settlement is definitely better than a sharp stick in the eye," he said.

The case dates back to 1998 when Kremen sued Network Solutions Inc. _ which VeriSign acquired in 2000 _ and Stephen Michael Cohen, who made millions after hijacking the rights to with a fake letter saying Kremen had been fired and no longer wanted the domain name.

Kremen won a $65 million judgment against Cohen in 2001 and last year won an appellate court ruling to continue pursuing his case against VeriSign.

Cohen fled shortly after losing to Kremen in court, and Kremen has been unable to recoup his damages beyond getting Cohen's San Diego-area home.

Meanwhile, VeriSign last year sold off the part of Network Solutions that handled domain name registrations but kept the master database for addresses ending in .com and .net.


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