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23 Mar 2006


The book:
I have been researching alot of what's been happening in the past year or so this week. Cohen clearly felt confident enough to spend most of his time in Tijuana, right on the US border. But Kremen and his lawyer, Tim Dillon, have been relentlessly pursuing Cohen's money. As far as I can see, the case really turned when Cohen's daughter Jhuliana was arrested for smuggling marijuana across the Mexican border.

Kremen leapt on the opportunity as he suspected Jhuliana was working for her father and helping him to hide assets - which it looks like she was. Judge Ware gave Kremen a secret court order - before this - to check out Cohen's phonecalls and chase down his credit card bills, so the evidence was being accumulated.

The toughest bit with the whole case - aside from the enormous quantity of material - is getting an idea of the timing clear. I have drawn several timelines to get a grasp on what happened when, what followed what and so on. I am now working on a new legal timeline so I can get a sense of what was going on in the case at the time the lawyers made vital decisions.

Oh, and I found out that Cohen, in a rage after his daughter arrest, twice went into Wikipedia and edited the posts for Kremen,, Carreon and, of course, Stephen Cohen. In one, Cohen changed the normal post to "Kremen is a pathological liar who was able to convence [sic] a federal judge that he was the true owner of".

In he changed the amount NSI paid Kremen from $20m to $150,000 and then $50,000 - this is something Cohen has been going on about for ages. And then he got really annoyed on 13 October 2005 and changed Kremen's entry to: "Gary Kremen is bi sexual freek [sic] who is also hooked on speed." He then deleted entirely his own entry on Wikipedia.

All the changes were quickly changed back and put down to vandalism, but I traced the IP address of the changes to... Pacnet - Cohen's company.


The case:
Cohen's lawyer is currently furious because Cohen has been put into solitary confinement on the orders of Judge Ware. I think the reasoning was that Cohen was communicating to others at prison, they were feeding information out and then assets that Kremen is trying to grab were being moved.

Needless to say, Cohen's new lawyer, John Goalwin, is not over the moon about this. The next hearing in front of Judge Ware is on 4 April.


The website:
Well, this latest bit is new. I'm sick of trying to sort out a blog - I want to get on with more writing. I have also stuck up the Characters page. It's not complete but it's a start.




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