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26 Mar 2006


The book:
I've read everything to do with the $5 million mansion in Rancho Santa Fe these past few days. I've been to the house and I have to say that while I've never been one to be impressed by money or glamour, the house is so tranquil and so calming that I can really see the positive influence that money can have on your life.

The mansion plays a vital part in the whole battle - it was the one thing, apart from the domain, that Cohen really wanted that Kremen managed to get. It was a huge turning point in that it was Kremen beating Cohen personally, rather than their lawyers battling it out.

It wasn't just the mansion though, there was also a rundown house on the Mexican border. Cohen used the land to fire bandwidth over the Mexican border where he then sold it at great profit. Kremen got hold of that as well.

I knew before that Cohen had fought hard for both - after all, it was his home and his business - but until I went through the documents page by page I hadn't known the full effort he went to. He forged god knows how many documents and did everything he knew legally to tie it up.

I've set one chapter at the mansion - in fact, the first time that I met Gary Kremen. And I've pulled in the incredible border-moving scam that Cohen pulled on the borderhouse. Here are two pics just for interest.


The case:
I don't think much has happened. The next big event is 4 April when Cohen appears in front of Ware yet again. Ware will ask whether Cohen has been helpful, his lawyers will say yes and quibble, Kremen's lawyer will point out that he has provided next to nothing and then Cohen will mouth off, causing Judge Ware to send him away yet again telling him to provide more information. How long will Cohen be able to keep this up? Is his plan to force hearing upon hearing upon hearing in the hope Ware will break?

I wonder what powers Ware has. He did threaten to make the matter a criminal investigation rather than civil, but as I understand it, that would mean he loses control of the case. And I strongly suspect Ware wants to break Cohen. But how long can a judge keep this up without it raising other legal questions?


The website:
I've stuck the longest and most in-depth article to date on the story - The Taking of, as published in the February edition of Playboy - in the archive. I will get around to sticking up more characters as soon as I have a minute.




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