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This is an archive of stories covering or related to the case or its two main proponents, Gary Kremen and Stephen Cohen.

There are a huge number of stories and features, so below is a small selection split into particular events. A full archive of stories is then listed according to year, and in consecutive order, on a second page.

By subject:


May 2000: Network Solutions excused from court case
The Write Edge - Whose property is it anyway? The fight for domain rights
Brandweek - Gary, and the rude facts of life
Wired - Saga Still Sizzling
Newsbytes - Another case goes Network Solutions' way
BusinessWire - US District Court sides with NetworkSolutions in case - US court declares domain names not protected


Nov 2000: Judge hands back to Kremen
The Standard - Of Fraud and
Wired - Judge Orders Returned
Internet News - A Chapter of Prurient Jurisprudence Closes
The Register - changes hands
San Jose Mercury News - Judge rules in rights to
Newsbytes - Judge orders returned to original owner
Reuters - US judge orders major online 'sex' change


Mar 2001: Trial finally starts
Wired - Spends Day on Trial
The Standard - Defendant AWOL
United Press International -
[United Press International]
CNet - Web address battle returns to court
United Press International - Trial starts in case
Wired - Finally Heads to Trial
CNN -'s sordid story


Apr 2001: Judge fines Cohen $65m
Wired - A Kinder, Gentler
BBC - Sex site squatter fined $65m
Wired - Cost of Theft: $65 Mil
The Register - owner wins $65m damages
LA Times - Judge Awards $65 Million in Portal Hijacking
Out-Law - Court awards damages of $65 million in dispute


May 2001: Kremen posts $50,000 reward for Cohen
The Register - Manhunt starts for snatcher
- offers reward for cybersquatter capture
- Bounty Set for Scammer

Jul 2003: NSI found guilty of handing over wrongly
iBusiness Law - Holding on Property Status of Domain Names is Bad News for NSI
The Register - owner can sue VeriSign
BBC - row rumbles on
Wired - Prevails in Domain Suit
LA Times - VeriSign Faces Suit Over Stolen Sex Site


Apr 2004: NSI (VeriSign) settles with Kremen
The Register - epic battle finally ends
Associated Press
- [wire story]
LA Times - VeriSign to Settle Lawsuit Over
San Jose Mercury News - VeriSign settles lawsuit
Web host industry review - Settles VeriSign Lawsuit - Sex Site Settles with VeriSign
Wired - Settles With VeriSign


Oct 2005: Cohen arrested in Tijuana
The Register - thief appears in court
San Diego Union-Tribune
- $65 million judgment awaiting jailed man
LA Times - Hijacker of '' Is Arrested
San Diego Tribune - Man accused of hijacking Web site
AP - Former SoCal man accused of stealing porn site arrested in Mexico

The Register - thief arrested


Jan 2006: Kremen sells for $14m
The Montreal Gazette - fetches $12 million as domain name
PRNewswire - Acquired by Escom
The Register
- owner sells up to chase $65m damages
Red Herring
- Sex Sells! Nabs $14m

Xbiz - Sold to Escom LLC For $14m


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