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A battle that began in September 1995 is still continuing to this day.

On 17 September 1995, Stephen Michael Cohen stole and with it built himself a vast business empire, putting himself at the head of an organisation earning hundreds of millions of dollars. On 30 September 2006, he faced the man he had stolen it from for a fifth time in Santa Clara jail and, for the fifth time, refused to divulge any information about where the $65 million he owes is hidden.

Now he is on the outside, purportedly seeking information on his bank accounts to provide to the judge. Cohen claims he is penniless and denies ever having seen or signed each piece of paper put to him that show transfers for millions of dollars between banks across the world. Will Cohen try to see through to the end one of the world's biggest ever scams, or will he flee with his millions while he is still ahead?

A lot has happened between 1995 and now, and covers it all in glorious detail: how Cohen set up the business; how he managed to hide the millions; how he evaded Kremen both in the courts and out before finally being caught; and how he claims his total innocence to this day.

In the meantime, this website provides the latest news both on the book and the case itself, an archive of press articles that have covered the case over the years (a full list, split by date, is here).

Or if you prefer, you can trawl through the interviews carried out in the process of writing the book as well as see snaps of the people and the places involved.


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