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The battle for has attracted, involved and subsumed an extraordinary array of very individual people, from former FBI wanted men to Buddhists to drug smugglers to highly respected lawyers.

Here then is a brief rundown of each, how they became involved in the case and the impact they had. Click on "more" and/or the picture for the whole text. More characters will be added over time.


Gary Kremen

Gary Alan Kremen, born 20 September 1963, is an extraordinary character. He is also the most unlikely porn baron the world had ever seen.... [more]

Stephen Cohen

Stephen Michael Cohen, born 23 February 1948, is, quite simply, the perfect conman. Tough, smart, streetwise, charming and utterly ruthless, he was born with a gift for communication... [more]

Charles Carreon

Charles Carreon continues in the story tradition of larger-than-life characters. A hippy Buddhist Native American, the ponytailed lawyer appeared on the scene just in time to prevent Kremen's case from collapsing.... [more]

James Wagstaffe

If Charles Carreon was the lawyer that prevented Kremen's case from collapsing in June 1999, it was James M. Wagstaffe that carried it through to completion when he entered the case in June 2000... [more]

Richard Idell

Richard Idell is Kremen's enforcer. Frequently described as a "rottweiler", you can actually hear him growling at you when you speak to him... [more]

Robert Dorband

Robert S Dorband was Stephen Cohen's main lawyer through the Kremen lawsuit. Friendly but guarded in person, Dorband is very aggressive when involved in litigation... [more]

more to come...


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